A New Season

There was a very special grace needed when we took the first steps to be foster parents. Nearly two and a half years later, knowing what we know now about the system, we’re in great need of grace again as we take a step back from that role and consider other ways we can help the families connected to foster care. This redirection of our plans has come as a surprise to us, but we are trusting that God has interrupted the plans for a good reason. We trust, but our feelings are peppered with sadness too. I had no idea it would be as hard and require as much faith to leave this role as it was to first step into it.

It’s hard to be a foster parent, but it’s a hard we wanted.

I think of my friend Heather who adopted a sibling group of three this summer. Being in that courtroom when the judge officially placed these children into their forever family brought such a deep joy. Adoptions are my favorite kind of worship service. This one was particularly meaningful to me. Continue reading