Staying On Mission When Discouragement Calls

Today we’ve arrived at the final question of the Stepping Into God’s Game Plan series, wrapping everything up with this thought:

What keeps you in God’s Game Plan…on mission, loving Him, loving others?

The simplest answer, for me, is God’s grace, but its forms are varied.

A Community On Mission

A big one for me is the gift of like-hearted friends who push me to stay focused where I should, reminding me that His grace covers all of my weaknesses, insecurities, inexperience, uncertainties, and resistance. (Side note: For this to work, I have to let them in – close enough for my weaknesses to be known. I won’t tell you it isn’t risky business.) But how incredible is to see vulnerability pay off in a few sweet, gospel-centered relationships I count as some of the greatest blessings in my life. Is that type of friendship not a reality for you? I recommend persistently asking God for it, but I also know that pursuit always goes better for me when I’m more focused on being that kind of friend than having that kind of friend.

All Eyes On The Movement of God

Additionally, gazing on God’s redeeming work in the world encourages me to press on when it’s difficult. I know it’s not about seeing results, but I ask to see them anyway. I often ask God for insight into what he’s doing, understanding that I won’t fully comprehend his big-picture, glory-filled purposes in my small moments of serving, but I don’t let that stop me from petitioning him to show me something – anything – that reminds me why we’re doing what he’s called me to. Even the tiniest glimpses of what he’s accomplishing have pushed me forward at times when quitting was my most appealing option.

Wrapped Up In The Person And Work Of Jesus

These graces are mere echoes of the One Grace that came down to save the world from sin. Because of God’s grace supplied through Jesus, I have the promise of being KEPT in his will. I can be confident that he finished the work on the cross, secured my salvation, and is trustworthy to complete my sanctification. Thank The Lord it does not depend on man’s desire or effort, because mine would be fickle and feeble and completely worthless. When I remember grace, preaching the gospel to myself, I’m assured that he’ll keep me on mission and that there’s forgiveness and restoration for when I get off track. Experiencing that grace is all that motivates me in extending it to others. Do I always do it? Definitely not. I ask him regularly to remind me of all he’s done for me, and I have to work to remember his grace. Part of that is seeking it out, searching for it in the Word and positioning myself alongsideĀ other believers who are craving more of his grace too. Believing HIM for this kind of walk.


I want us to learn from each other. What graces keep you on mission?


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