How to Serve When You’re Afraid or Just Don’t Know What You’re Doing

Continuing this theme of grace in serving, today I’m writing to address the following question from the Stepping In panel:

“When has God called you to step out of your comfort zone to serve, and what was the result?”

God hasn’t asked me to do anything inside my comfort zone in quite a while, but I’ll share my experience with a favorite ministry – Gospel Village, the thing that introduced me to these two:


It’s been over three years since I met them. A girl and a boy whose kind, joyful brightness captured our hearts. They are sister and brother, the oldest of eight children, and they’ve given their lives to following Jesus but also live with the effects and challenges of generational poverty.

We are blessed to know them, thanks to Gospel Village, a local collaboration of churches to minister to children of low-income environments. In its beginning stages, their mission statement described the mentoring process as investments into these kids’ lives for the purpose of earning a hearing for the gospel, and I love that!

My husband and I have been mentoring these kids for nearly three years and we’ve seen The Lord do incredible things in the life of this sweet family, but what I’ve mostly learned during this time is that I know nothing.

Truly, every part of it seems to be about humbling us, revealing our inadequacy. I’m beginning to think that could be the main point of Christians serving the poor, proving to us serving that we don’t have the answers, they’re never simple ones anyways, and we cannot fix things for people – only God’s grace can. Every part of it screams that I don’t have what it takes for this mission and with nothing inside of me to rely on, it thrusts me into God’s adequacy rather than my flimsy attempts to help. It brings me into his presence like nothing else because it’s in serving these sweet ones that I find I have nothing to give.


I remember when this relationship began. Continue reading


Serving Out of Our Broken Places


It’s been a while, but before the holidays and the official Winter In Which A Family Member Of Mine Gets┬áSick Every Week began (still happening, unfortunately), we were talking here about serving and grace and going through a list of questions on the topic. Today I’m resuming that conversation with the fourth question from my church’s “Stepping into God’s Game Plan” panel, which is this:

How do you deal with feelings of inadequacy when it comes to serving The Lord or even joining a community of believers?

I’ll tell you what I don’t want to do with those feelings – Continue reading

Resolutions and Grace

Twelve days into January, I realize, is a little late to be talking about New Years resolutions. It’s a topic on my mind, however, so regardless of how delayed, typical, or even annoying blogging about it is, I’m doing it anyway!


Things are different this year. Grace is pretty much wrecking my New Years resolutions list-making. I’ve always enjoyed putting pen to paper, highlighting areas of my life that need more intentionality, but it hasn’t been as easy to do at the start of 2014. Continue reading