Seasons of Serving

Moving right along in this series (you can catch up here, here, and here), let’s address the next question:

Seasons of Life – how do they affect your needs and your abilities to minister? Is there ever a “perfect” season?

I know what I would tell you:

The perfect season for you to serve is the one you are in. Period.

Of course it will look different for everyone, and that’s the point. There are a lot of different needs in the world, and it takes more than just variety in gifts and talents to reach them – it takes variety in life’s seasons too.

This season you’re in today – whatever it looks like – is exactly where he wants you to be. He EQUIPS you with his power. He has QUALIFIED you by his blood. He PROTECTS you by his promises. He REDEEMS where you are – even in your brokenness – and GLORIFIES himself through it. He STRENGTHENS you in the weak places. He VALUES your sacrifice in the mundane as much as the radical. He ORCHESTRATES the events and time of your life and is not limited by your location or other life circumstances. He has PURPOSED work for you, and you are not where you are by accident. Continue reading


Knowing our Passions

The next post in this series takes a shot at answering this question:

Passion – how important is it to find yours?

If you missed the previous posts in this series, you can catch up here and here.

Passion is a fascinating concept to me. I love thinking about the various ways God has uniquely built our personalities, interests, histories, abilities, talents, and bestowed spiritual gifts  – all for his glory. It’s a fun subject to me. During college and in my early twenties, I took more than a few assessments (related to both temperament and spiritual gifts) and participated in trainings and classes all designed to help me discern where I’m most fitted for ministry. In some ways, I found them helpful, but mostly I’ve since developed a caution in my approach to these discussions. Through experience, I learned that it is easy to place too much emphasis on the discovery process and find myself tripped up and missing Christ.

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